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Shelf Company in Food Sector

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Shelf Company is India is the available Clean Five-year-old Food Processing Company with Good Name (Shelf Company in India) based in Delhi is Available immediately. This company has no activity as on date.

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Shelf Company in India is useful particularly when clients are planning a start-up company, restructuring an already existing corporation, setting up holding structures or a partial spin-off, a shelf company allows immediate setting up of structures.

for Foreigner Shelf Company in India is an offshore shelf company is fast, simple and offers essential advantages:

  • The corporation is available within a few hours
  • Registration in the commercial register
  • Immediate legal capacity
  • No liability risk
  • No debts or obligations
  • No previous business activity

India is a great investment destination for foreign businessmen that have many possibilities of opening companies in different industries.  Foreign investors can set up a new company or purchase an already registered one. The main advantage of the registered or shelf company, as many people refer to it, is the fact that being registered it does not need to go through the whole incorporation procedure again.

What are the services related to buying a ready-made company in India?

Foreign investors can ask for additional services when purchasing a shelf company with our company formation representatives in Singapore.

We offer a wide range of accounting and nominee services, among which the most sought are the nominee shareholder, director and secretary services. Apart from these, foreign investors can also rely on us if they need virtual CFO services. We can also assist foreign investors to get GST No, Audit Services, Taxation Services, International Remittance. We further provide payroll processing services

We also help our client to set up company outside India

We also help our client to buy readymade Business in India

We provide due diligence on Indian company on behalf of foreign company

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Subsidiary Company Formation in India

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We are Subsidiary Company formation consultant helping foreign client to form subsidiary company in India We are available at or whatsapp at 9818092002

Foreign companies can set up wholly-owned subsidiary in sectors where 100% foreign direct investment is permitted under the FDI policy. The wholly-owned subsidiary may be either of the following business entities:

  • Private Limited Company
  • Public Limited Company
  • Unlimited Company
  • Sole Proprietorship

Foreign Companies can also set up their operations in India through the business entities:

  • Liaison Office/Representative Office
  • Project Office
  • Branch Office

Such offices can undertake any permitted activities. Companies have to register themselves with Registrar of Companies (ROC) within 30 days of setting up a place of business in India.

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It is vital to choose the right kind of business consultant who have expertise in starting a subsidiary company in India which best suits its purposes and takes care of liability issues and tax planning issues. Weare  having years of professional experience in providing assistance to Foreign Direct Investors can help you to starting or setting up your subsidiary company in India.

Foreign direct investors who are planning in setting up a subsidiary company or office in India are required to seek approvals from Government of India before investing in India. Our expert team can help in getting those approvals and perform those much need liasions and paper work in limited period of time.

We help in following aspects

Opening  subsidiary company hassle free in India. We also explain the different type of legal entity

Available like Branch office or Liaison office

Every company need to have two Director. Every Director need to obtain Unique Director Identification No called as DIN


Also explain the difference between branch office and Liasion office



In case you need any further information

Contact us at 9818092002
Email :

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Private Limited Company Registration in India

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 Private Limited Company Registration in India


  • Private Limited Company Registration in India 
  •  Do You want to form a Private Limited Company in India
  • Do you want to Form a Public Limited Company in India
  • Do you want to obtain permanent account no of your company
  • Do you want to register Media Company in India
  • Do you want to form Software Company in India
  • Do you want to form Section 25 Company in India
  • Do You want to form Joint Venture Company


  • Company Registration
  • Company registration with Pan No
  • Company Registration with Pan No and Sale Tax No
  • Company Registration with Pan No and service Tax no
  • Company Registration with Pan No, Sale Tax No and Service Tax No
  • Company Registration with Quality certificate like ISO No
  • Company Registration with Pan No and Bank Account
  • Company Registration with Trade Mark
  • Company Registration with Website
Private Limited Company Registration in India

Private Limited Company Registration in India

Important Question for Private Limited Company Registration in India-

  • What is the Company
  • How to set up a private limited company
  • How to set up a Public Limited Company
  • What the the Director Requirement
  • What is the Director Identification No
  • What is digital Signature
  • What is Section 25 Company
  • What is Private Limited Company
  • How to select the names of the company
  • How to become the Director in the company
  • What is the difference between LLP and Company
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