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NGO Registration in india

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NGO Registration in india-

NGO Registration in india-A non-governmental organization (NGO) is any non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which is organized on a local, national or international level. Task-oriented and driven by people with a common interest.

The term “non-governmental organization” has no agreed legal definition and these are termed as “civil society organizations” in many jurisdictions.

NGO Registration in india

NGO Registration in india

The term “NGO Registration in india.” can nevertheless be used as shorthand to refer to a range of organisations that normally share the following characteristics:

  • NGO Registration in india are not created to generate personal profit. Although they may have paid employeesand engage in revenue-generating activities they do not distribute profits or surpluses to members or management
  • NGOs are voluntary. This means that they are formed voluntarily and that there is usually an element of voluntary participation in the organisation;
  • NGO Registration in india are distinguished from informal or ad hoc groups by having some degree of formal or institutional existence. Usually, NGOs have formal statutes or other governing document
  • Setting out their mission, objectives and scope. They are accountable to their members and donors
  • NGOs are independent, in particular of government and other public authorities and of political parties or commercial organisations;

NGO Registration in india. are not self-serving in aims and related values. Their aim is to act in the public arena at large, on concerns and issues related to the well being of people, specific groups of people or society as a whole. They are not pursuing the commercial or professional interests of their members.

Documents Required for NGO Registration in india-

  • ID Proof of Nine Members Two from Delhi and Seven from Seven different states.(Voter ID/Driving
    License/Passport/Adhaar Card)
  • One address proof of office premises. (Electricity Bill/Water Bill/House Tax Reciept).
  • Name of the society/NGO Registration in india
  • Rest of the documents we will prepare.
  • For any query please feel free to contact us.

In case you need any further information-

Contact us at 9818092002
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