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Branch Office Registration in India

Branch Office Registration in India-

Why to Branch Office Registration in India ?

Branch Office Registration in India– company can expand its business by establishing its branch offices in various parts of the domestic country as well as in other countries. A branch office is an establishment which carries the same business as that of Head Office but in some other areas.

Branch Office Registration in India

Advantage of Branch Office Registration in India-

  • The name of Indian BRANCH office shall be same as parent company.
  • The governing body for the BRANCH office License is Reserve Bank of India.
  • It is suitable for foreign Companies looking to setup a temporary office in India and not interested or not planning to have long term plans for the Indian operations.
  • The BRANCH office does not have any ownership, it is just extension of the exiting company in the foreign country.
  • All the expenses of the BRANCH office are met by the head office, if it does not have the revenue from Indian operations.

What Documents are required to Registration in India?

How much time is required to Branch Office Registration ?

Normal time to form a Branch Office is 45 working days time.



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