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Sale or Purchase Readymade Company in India

Sale or Purchase Readymade Company in India

  • Our ready made companies have already been registered  with Ministry of Corporate Affairs  but have been left dormant.  Implication


This means that these companies did not perform any business activity during their lifetime Some time on specific demands we have companies with some activities

Sale or Purchase Readymade Company in India

Sale or Purchase Readymade Company in India


  • MCA India deals in only clean companies and we do due deligence of all the company, and company which is clean and done all compliances only offered by us.And we had provided company to people working across world and helped them in generating wealth creation



Feature of these companies

  • No public debt or any other outstanding obligation.
  • Our purchase agreement will include this statement.
  • The only steps you will need to make are to change the ownership, Change of Director,the scope of activities and optionally the name of the company.
  • This is the quickest option to have Your fully operable business in India with PAN No and bank account
  • Access to India means access to 125 billion people market where government of India is supporting Foreign National to Come India and start business in India

Another advantage of a ready made company :

  • Already established on the market and this gives it credibility and age.
  • An aged company can be very useful for creditors and biding on tenders.
  • The shelf company purchase documents do not need to be signed in India. Our clients can sign the necessary documents anywhere in the World.
  • Videos of some company available


Shelf company purchase steps


  • Buy your Indian shelf company remotely from your home! You don’t even need to visit us to purchase!
  • You can purchase a ready made Indian  company remotely from your country or set up an appointment with us in our Indian  office.
  • If you decide to buy your company remotely, the order process is the following:
  • You get ahold of us via email/chat/phone and we liaise about your inquiry. If necessary we provide more general and company information to our clients.
  • In the next step we are going to send you a 50% advance pro forma invoice. You can pay it either by bank wire or by credit card.
  • You need to send us a copy of your valid Passport and address proof of two directors ,the documents have to be notarized or notarized and apostilled.
  • Preparation of the documents. We are going to mail you the necessary corporate documents to sign.

Some Important question asked by client-

Q :     Whether we need to come to India?

Ans :    No. we need only document to begin with.

Q :     How many Director are needed in India?

Ans :    two

 Q :    How Many Share holder are needed?

Ans :   two

 Q :  Can we form Subsidiary Company?

Ans :   YES

 QAny benefit of Company in India?

Ans : Quality Manpower, Big Market


Testimonial :

I am Bert from UK. I wish to start business in India. I had approached lot of Company Incorporation consultant in India. Every one initially promise the moon but no one really helped my to form the company. Then I met Company India Advisor. They on the very same day give me details of some clean company and in a week time, I am on the board of the company and started business in India

I wish to convey my wishes for success to Company India Advisors


Another testimonial-

HI , Bell from US. wish to start business in India and Got clean company on the same date with Company India Advisor. Very professional Company in India

watch this video-


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