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Trademark Registration in India

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Why trademark:

  1. Trade Mark associates the standardization of Goods and Service and trade mark add tremendous value to the product and services as consumer buy/utilize services on trademark basis also. It has great value and no action taken by the company to protect this value will result a tremendous loss to the corporate
  2. Corporate adopt pro active strategy for protection of their trade mark and intangible assets
  3. With the advent of branding and the increase in value being attached to it, the issue of protection of consumers from unauthorized violation of brands is gaining importance. Most often than not, a brand is represented by a mark, called its trademark.
  • The registration of trademark provides the proprietor of the trademark, exclusive rights to use the TM in relation to the goods or services.
  • The registration of the trademark is a prima facie proof of validity of the registered trademark. In any legal proceeding, this is highly important.
  • Business can use TM at the right side of trade mark after applying for the same.

Key Point regarding protection of trade mark

There are 42 classification as per Indian Trade Mark act and a trade mark can be associated with one or more classification. Selection of appropriate classification and drafting the application is the most critical aspect of the same.
Documents required:

  1. Name of the Trademark/Service Mark to be registered.
  2. Full Names, Address and Nature of the Business of the Applicant.
  3. Full Name of the Proprietor/Partners of the Applicant firm.
  4. Date of first use of the Trademark/Service Mark in India List of goods/services
  5. Soft copy of the trademark to be registered.

Time taken:

  1. The overall time taken by us in searching, Drafting and filling trade mark application is 1-2 days.
  2. After Application government publish this trade mark application in different journal and invite objection. If no objection received in a particular period, trade mark is granted. Normally trade mark is registered in 2 year time
  3. After registration the trade mark, business can use R at the right hand upper side of the trade mark
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